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Look for the links to purchase my books on this page

 or contact me if you want a personally signed copy.


Call Me Lizzy, Room 101, and Henry Listens Harder can be purchased on Amazon at this link: 

or I​ can sign and send you a copy after I get your email. Fill out my Contact page  and I will get back with you. 


The Life Story Kit is a "How To" book. It will help you write your own auto-biography or a biography of a loved one. It is full of chronological questions from family background to old age. I used the questions in it to write my parents' and Mother-in-Law's biographies. 

Antidote for Anxiety is part biography and part self-help, or God-help, book to over come anxiety and panic for good, I tell the plan God gave me to pull the plug on panic in my life.

Sober by the Grace of God is the combined biography of Don and Theresa Wenning, my parents. It tells how my Dad and Mom stayed married raising their 13 children while Dad struggled with alcoholism. It is a book of hope for anyone who is recovering or living with an alcoholic.

A Very Good Life is the biography of my Mother-in-Law, Anna Wilkinson written when she was 95 years old.

You can purchase any of my non-fiction books from Lulu at this link:

or I​ can sign and send you a copy after I get your email. Fill out my Contact page and I will get back with you. 

How Can I Help You?

Do you want a signed copy of one of my books? I'd be glad to mail you one.  

All I need is your email. 

Do you need a speaker for your group? I can talk on these topics and others: Becoming an Author, Powerful Words, or Sober by the Grace of God. 

Do you need a school or home school Author Visit? While there, I can teach lessons on figurative language using my books.

See my email on my contact page or call me at 765-561-2275

(Please leave a message for me if your call goes to voicemail.)

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