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Hi! from Christian Author-Mary T. Wilkinson

     Being the second oldest of 13 children, there were many times when I had to entertain my siblings with stories. I felt good making them happy, but I never wrote those stories on paper. Years later, after I became an elementary teacher, I started writing with my students and some of those stories were written down. I started to believe that maybe I could be a writer.

    When I decided to write my first novel, Call Me Lizzy, I wanted it to be wholesome and age appropriate. I wanted it to encourage middle school children and other readers that when their life is hard, they can still do great things with God's help.   

          My life was not easy. My dad was an alcoholic for the first decade of my life. We were poor and wore hand-me-down clothes, but we had parents who believed in the power of prayer. You cannot choose your family or where you grew up, but you can change the outcome of your life by the decisions you make. I chose to trust God to help me make right decisions, and the very best decision I ever made was to ask Jesus to be my Savior.  I hope you will choose to read my books and see how faith makes a difference in stories and in life.

Two New Books for 2022!

Sequel to Call Me Lizzy

Call Me Loved is the long awaited sequel to Mary T. Wilkinson's first middle grade novel, Call Me Lizzy.

In 1967, ten year old Lizzy Roy has been living with her mother's parents in Tennessee because her parents left her to pursue their own careers. After the death of Lizzy’s father, killed in action in the Vietnam War, her alcoholic mother comes home to Tennessee.

So many events in her young life have left her feeling that she is not loved. Her mom and daddy have left her, her grandparents in Indianapolis have started giving love and attention to an orphan boy, the bus bully hates her, and her mother is too sick and dependent on others to give Lizzy the attention she so badly needs.

With help from her Tennessee Grandparents, Lizzy learns to depend on God as she tries to forgive her wayward mother, stay in contact with her father’s side of the family, grow in her friendship with her cousin and best friend, Shelby, and follow the Golden Rule even though it means getting along with the bus bully.

Call Me Loved will inspire readers of all ages to trust that God is faithful and loves His children unconditionally. In fact, He loves them most.



Book lovers

Check out these two new books by Mary  T.  Wilkinson.

Call Me Loved can be purchased on  and

The Christmas Puzzle, can be purchased now on!

Children's Picture Book

Why do we celebrate Christmas? Is it all about gifts, good food, and family being together? How does the story of baby Jesus fit into our Christmas celebrations?

When Mary was teaching Elementanry school, she learned that many of today's children do not know the significance of the birth of Jesus as a reason for celebrating Christmas. 

Using questions and answering those questions, from Biblical and Non-Biblical sources, Mary explains in The Christmas Puzzle how Jesus is the reason for celebrating the holiday of Christmas.

Mary made a puzzle for her own children when they were small that was built each year during the Christmas season. 

Using each piece of this puzzle, Mary will teach a new generation about the reason that Jesus had to come to earth to save us all

This book can be purchased from in paperback and hardback copies. Make this book part of your holiday tradition just as the puzzle was part of Mary's family Christmas tradition.

Books to Encourage and Inspire

These are three of my children's books.

Middle Grade Novel

In 1966, ten year old Lizzy is living a double life. During summer and Christmas vacations, she is under the care of her father's parents in Indiana. They take her to the American Legion Post to socialize with their older friends. During the school months, she lives in Tennessee with her mother's parents who are very religious. Lizzy has never been to church, much less one like her grandparents where women wear long dresses, black stockings, and lace-up shoes. In Tennessee, she wears her hair long. In Indiana, she gets it cut. In Tennessee, she has many relatives. In Indiana, she's an only child. In both places, she's reminded of how much she misses her parents who have left her to pursue their own interests. How does Lizzy cope with these changes and thrive in both environments? Will she ever see her parents again? Call Me Lizzy will inspire children, parents, and grandparents everywhere to never give up believing God answers prayer.

Middle Grade Novel

David Anderson has led a perfect life until his 6th grade year. With his dad out of work, David will have to leave Good Shepherd Elementary and go to Milltown public school. He is terrified to go to Milltown because he fears he will be bullied. David looks and acts differently from everyone else in his new school. So do the kids in Room 101. When David is asked to help Keven Meyers, a boy with disabilities, participate in the school Spelling Bee, he has to look beyond his own desire to win and trust that God will help him make a difference in the lives of the kids in Room 101. With encouragement from his parents, David tackles an even harder challenge; to change the heart of a bully.

Children's Picture Book

The story, Henry Listens Harder, is in the form of a lyric poem, complete with color photography. It is designed to help children overcome their fear of noises in the nighttime. When Henry complains to his mother of noises in the house at night, she tells him to "listen harder." Then he will realize that the noises he hears at night are the same noises he hears in the daylight. Henry goes in search of the noises in his house and identifies them by their sounds.  Henry also uses his simple faith in a Heavenly Father to trust that he will be safe through the night under God's care.  This book contains a lot of onomatopoeia (words for sounds) This figurative language skill is tested in first and second grade.

""And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, 

do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus,

giving thanks to God the Father through him." 

- Colossians 3:17

 Mary's Non- Fiction Books

Don Wenning's first drink of whisky turned into his first drunk. He liked how he felt when he was drunk and he spent the next twenty years of his life as an active alcoholic much to the dismay of his parents, siblings, wife, and children. His wife, Theresa, didn't want to divorce him. She just wanted him to love her and their 13 children more than he loved the bottle. When Don "hit the bottom" he finally saw himself for who he was; a sinner with no hope without God's intervention and forgiveness. With the help of a twelve-step program, and a new found faith in their Heavenly Father, Don and Theresa stayed married, stayed sober, and helped countless alcoholics do the same. This is their "story" as told to the author and to hundreds of AA and Al-Anon members across this nation.

Anna Wilkinson was my Mother-in-law. She moved in with us when she was 90 years old. We had a big family birthday party for her when she turned 95 years old. When I asked how her 95 years have treated her, she told me, "I've had a very good life" and she had. 

Born in 1920, Anna grew up in a period of time when life was simple. It was before WWII and America was considered a Christian nation. Anna faced many challenges in her life and witnessed many changes in our country. This extraordinary woman put God first and kept a positive attitude to have a long and rewarding life. She went to be with her Jesus in May of 2019 at the age of 98, not making it to 100 years as she had hoped. Yet she had a very good life; one that needed to be shared.

Millions of Americans suffer from an intense form of anxiety that keeps them from enjoying the normal and fulfilling life they desire. Antidote for Anxiety is written by someone who has been there and suffered the same mental anguish. Mary Wilkinson had some anxiety and worry for most of her life, but when she started having panic attacks, she didn't know where to turn except to her best friend and Savior, Jesus Christ. His word showed her a way to have victory over her panic attacks and every day anxiety. She calls this plan "STOP" with each letter standing for a part of the plan. If you want peace from panic or anxiety, Mary's plan might be the very help you need.

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